The Loyalty of the Christian Radio Audience

By Simmons National Consumer Survey
According to Simmons Market Research, 72% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radio station. And 62% say that they would “shop more at a known business if it advertised on Christian radio.” The
interesting thing is that these statistics are not just a snapshot in time from a fluke survey. These same loyalty factors have held up well for the last two and a half decades. The “halo effect” of this unique market has weathered a variety of economic conditions and global marketing shifts from the impact of cable TV to the arrival of Internet advertising. It appears that marketing
to a Christian audience remains as simple as using a well-conceived radio campaign on the right
radio stations.
The fact is that very few advertising venues offer this kind of credibility. A message heard through the lens of this format is perceived by the listener as being more reliable than other forms of advertising. What other radio listener turns on
the radio expecting to hear a message that will change their lives? Clearly, there is no other format that commands this kind of
attention by its’ listener to the unique program content being broadcast by the radio station. It’s this kind of advertiser loyalty that can’t be achieved by any other means.
Finally, consider these facts. According to Soma Market Research, 64% of all Christian radio listeners say that “the ads on Christian radio make them want to buy what is in the ad” compared to 33% of all advertising consumers.
The data is definitive and clear. If your advertising campaign does not include Christian Radio Advertising, then you are not maximizing your ad budget’s ability to reach buyers who are predisposed to buying what you are selling. Marketing to this unique
family-oriented audience is easier when you include it in your media mix.