Brighter Maryland Career Fair

Welcome to the Brighter Maryland Career Fair: The Future of Hiring is Brighter

Elevate Your recruitment

Say goodbye to traditional hiring hurdles and hello to a seamless virtual experience with the Brighter Maryland Career Fair. What sets us apart from traditional career fairs or online job postings? We're Maryland's only virtual career fair combining the marketing power of digital and radio, reducing your job marketing friction.


With radio reaching 92% of Americans weekly and 80% of job searches happening online, our dual approach of on-air and online ads streamlines your hiring process.

During the nine-day Brighter Maryland Career Fair, your company receives a tailored virtual booth highlighting your company's available positions. We'll use our 60 years of radio marketing experience, smart digital tactics, and extensive listenership to ensure your job openings reach a broad audience. Applicants can explore your opportunities and apply instantly with you, allowing you to schedule interviews with qualified applicants. Your next standout team member is waiting to be found through the Brighter Maryland Career Fair!

Unleash the Power of Possibility


Explore a diverse pool of talent from various industries, backgrounds, and expertise.


Forge meaningful connections through interactive and virtual networking opportunities.



Streamline your hiring process with advanced targeting and customized matchmaking algorithms.


Shape the future of your workforce

For more information or to register for the Brighter Maryland Career Fair coming September 2024, simply fill out this form to be connected with a Brighter Media Group representative.

Register by September 16th to join in the upcoming Brighter Maryland Career Fair, September 30th - October 9th.

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